Ghost Hunt at Whittington Castle Oswestry - Shropshire

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

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City: Shropshire, England
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Contact name Colin
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The ultimate ghost hunting company Ghostly Endeavours have put together a spectacular night of ghost hunting. Some details of Whittington Castle are below for your information
Ghost hunters, sterp back in time at Whittington Castle, Saturday 09 October 2010, 9: pm to 3: am
Whittington Castle has along history and has witnessed many historical and legendary events, some of which such as the Black Death were not so nice, and as you would expect the level and history of paranormal activity is very high and well documented.
Many visitors to the Castle have claimed to have heared eerie footsteps along with strange smells, strange unexplained lights and spooky shadows in many areas of the Castle, making this the perfect location for a Ghostly Endeavours ghost hunt. There is one legend concerning the heirs of Whittington Castle. In the ruins it said that people have seen and heard two children peering out of the twin towers, it is beleived that these are past heirs of the castle. When a cursed Elizabethan chest belonging to the castle was opened, apparently the heirs perished in great pain. Indeed, so much fear and superstition surrounds this chest that it has been hidden away for many years, until recently taken to a secret location for restoration. It will remain locked shut and it is thought that the key was lost in the moat.
There are many eye witness accounts of paranormal activity at the castle. Groundsmen have reported seeing strange white mists and balls of light appearing from nowhere and feelings of being observed. Simlar phenomena has also been reported by the night watchman and those visiting the Castle late in the evening, inlcuding that of seeing a lone horseman in ancient apparel.
Loud, eerie and unexplained voices have also been heard coming from the locked castle tower, again childrens faces peering at unsuspected visitors. A most deserving place for a paranormal investigation by all ghost hunters, well for those brave enough that is.
Whittington Castle is a motte and bailey construction situated in north Shropshire. It was fortified as a castle for William Peveril in 1138 who supported Empress Matilda in her fight against King Stephen for the English Crown. Matilda's son who went on to become Henry II, seized the castle and gave it to Roger de Powis. On marriage to Peveril's niece however knight Fulk Fitz Warine tried to take possession of the castle and was declared an outlaw. It is believed that his story provided the basis for a number of adventure stories including the legends of Robin Hood. He was eventually successful and the castle remained with the Fitz Warine family line until 1420 during which Whittington contributed to a rich period of the country's history with various kings taking the throne, allegations of treachery, the Black Death and a number of bloody battles are associated with Whittington Castle.
As with all events by Ghostly Endeavours refreshments and snacks will be provided along with a light supper catered by the Castle on your behalf.
Please note; bookings are through Ghostly Endeavours only, the Castle will not be able to provide tickets for this event.